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GraphQL Code Generator

Generate anything from GraphQL schema / operations!

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Installing Codegen#

First, make sure that you the graphql package in your project's dependencies, since GraphQL Code Generator depends on it:

npm install --save graphql # or, with yarn: yarn add graphql

Then, install the GraphQL Code Generator CLI package:

npm install --save @graphql-codegen/cli # or, with yarn: yarn add -D @graphql-codegen/cli
Global Installation#

Please avoid installing graphql, @graphql-codegen/cli and its plugins as global dependencies. This will cause issues because of duplications of the graphql package. Install it only locally in your project.

Monorepo Project#

If you are using Monorepo setup (Lerna/Yarn Workspaces/anything else), please note that GraphQL Codegen is using require to load plugins and file. This might break and fail in case of hoisting.

If you are having issues with loading GraphQL-Codegen plugins, make sure it's installed correctly, at the same level of node_modules, and make sure it's accessible and available for the Codegen CLI.

Initialization Wizard#

After installing those dependencies, GraphQL Code Generator can help you configure your project based on some popular flows:

yarn graphql-codegen init # or, with npx: npx graphql-codegen init

Question by question, it will guide you through the whole process of setting up a schema, selecting and installing plugins, picking a destination to where your files are generated, and a lot more.

If you don't want to use the wizard, we've got you covered, just continue reading the next sections.

Manual Setup#

If you wish to configure codegen manually, please start by creating a codegen.yml file in your project's root directory:

schema: schema.graphql # you can also point to a GraphQL endpoint! generates: types.ts: plugins: - @graphql-codegen/typescript

GraphQL Code Generator's behavior is bound into plugins, thus we will need to install one of them, for example, if you are using @graphql-codegen/typescript plugin, please make sure install it locally in your project

Although this can be used directly, it's recommended to add the code generation script to your package.json:

{ "scripts": { "generate": "graphql-codegen" } }

This will simplify its usage, and you'll be able to run the codegen with the following command: npm run generate.

You can learn more about codegen.yml and the available configurations here, and you can find a list of all available plugins here