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Guide: GraphQL Modules#

GraphQL Code Generator's @graphql-codegen/graphql-modules-preset plugin helps to generate resolvers type for each module of a GraphQL Modules GraphQL API.

Given the following GraphQL API structure using GraphQL Modules:

- src/ - modules/ - user/ - resolvers.ts - typedefs/ - user.graphql - product/ - resolvers.ts - typedefs/ - product.graphql

Just a few configuration steps are required to get the resolvers types generated:

1. Install the @graphql-codegen/graphql-modules-preset plugin

yarn add @graphql-codegen/graphql-modules-preset yarn add @graphql-codegen/typescript-resolvers yarn add @graphql-codegen/typescript

2. Configure the plugin

Create or update your codegen.yaml file as follows:

schema: './src/modules/**/typedefs/*.graphql' generates: ./server/src/modules/: preset: graphql-modules presetConfig: baseTypesPath: ../generated-types/graphql.ts # Where to create the complete schema types filename: generated-types/module-types.ts # Where to create each module types plugins: - add: content: '/* eslint-disable */' - typescript - typescript-resolvers

3. Run the codegen and update your code

Assuming that, as recommended, your package.json has the following script:

{ "scripts": { "generate": "graphql-codegen" } }

Running the following generates the graphql/generated.tsx file.

yarn generate

The User module resolvers would be:

// src/modules/user/resolvers.ts import { UsersModule } from './generated-types/module-types' export const resolvers: UsersModule.Resolvers = { // Here, you can implement only the types and fields defined in your module! }



A complete article, written by Arda Tanrikulu from The Guild, is available on our blog: Writing a GraphQL TypeScript project w/ GraphQL-Modules and GraphQL-Code-Generator.

For more advanced configuration (models or context typing), please refer to the plugin documentation.