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Apollo Local State#

Suppose you are using apollo-client >2.5 (or older, with apollo-link-state) to manage your app state with GraphQL. In that case, you're probably using a client-side only GraphQL schema and client-side directives such as @client.

The client-side only GraphQL schema and client-side directives are not part of your remote GraphQL schema. This prevents them from being included in your existing GraphQL Code Generator configuration:

For example:

query myQuery { todos { id title checked selected @client } }

If you wish to get better integration and fully type-safe types for your client-side schema as well, you can create a .graphql file for your local schema, for example:

type Todo { selected: Boolean! }

And then, you can merge this part of the schema with your remote schema by specifying it as part of your schema field:

schema: - http://my-remote-schema/graphql - my-client-schema.graphql

This way, the GraphQL Code Generator will generate complete typings that match both your client fields and server fields.

If you only plan to perform a query with Apollo's local state, simply extend the Query type and add the field (query field) you're trying to call in your local schema:

extend type Query { todos: Todo }