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Migration from 0.13 to 0.18#

March 1st, 2019

What has changed?#

In >= 0.14 we changed the way you pass configuration to GraphQL Code Generator.

In the previous versions of the code-generator, the configuration was confusing and passed through 3 ways: CLI flags, config file (gql-gen.json and environment variables.

It became very confusing and difficult to use, so we decided to merge all existing configurations into a single .yml file - codegen.yml.

How to migrate?#

To migrate from GraphQL Code Generator v0.13 API to >=0.14, just start by installing the latest version of graphql-code-generator from NPM.

Then, run your existing gql-gen ... command as is. You'll see a warning about your current usage.

The new CLI makes it much easier - it will show you how your codegen.yml file should look according to your usage with the old API:

CLI Migration

Now, create a file called codegen.yml with the content that the codegen suggests for you.

Next, update your NPM scripts to run graphql-codegen only, without any cli-flags:

{ "name": "my-project", "scripts": { "generate": "graphql-codegen" } }

Now, replace your deprecated templates packages with the new plugins packages.

For example, if you were using graphql-codegen-typescript-template, you should replace it with: graphql-codegen-typescript, and graphql-codegen-typescript-operations.

Note sure which new packages you need to use now? You can take a look here. Under each directory you'll find a package.json pointing to the new packages names.