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The @graphql-codegen/graphql-modules-preset generates .ts file with TypeScript types, per each GraphQL-Modules module definition.

The generates files will be generated based on each module definition, and based on the GraphQL schema defined in that specific module, allowing you to write type-safe resolvers, while keeping modules types boundaries.

Usage Requirements

This preset generates code for graphql-modules @ v1. Previous versions are not supported.



graphql-modules-preset plugin version
Using yarn
yarn add -D @graphql-codegen/graphql-modules-preset

API Reference


type: string

Required, should point to the base schema types file. The key of the output is used a the base path for this file.


type: string

Overrides the package import for the base types. Use this if you are within a monorepo and you wish to import the base types directly from a different package, and not from a relative path.


type: string default: process.cwd()

Optional, override the cwd of the execution. We are using cwd to figure out the imports between files. Use this if your execuion path is not your project root directory.


type: string default: Types

Optional, override the name of the import namespace used to import from the baseTypesPath file.


type: string

Required, sets the file name for the generated files.


type: string default: namespace

Configure how to encapsulate the module types, to avoid confusion.

namespace (default): will wrap all types in a TypeScript namespace, using the module name. prefix: will prefix all types from a specific module with the module name. none: will skip encapsulation, and generate type as-is.

Usage Example#

Here's a short example for generating types and resolvers for 2 modules:

schema: './src/modules/**/typedefs/*.graphql'
preset: graphql-modules
baseTypesPath: ../generated-types/graphql.ts # Where to create the complete schema types
filename: generated-types/module-types.ts # Where to create each module types
- add:
content: '/* eslint-disable */'
- typescript
- typescript-resolvers

This will generate a file called module-types.ts under each module you have.

To use the generates resolvers, you can use Resolvers signature and apply it to your resolvers object within the module:

// src/modules/user/resolvers.ts
import { MyModule } from './generated-types/module-types';
export const resolvers: MyModule.Resolvers = {
// Here you can implement only the types and fields defined in your module!

You can find an example project here.