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Schema Registry for your GraphQL Workflows


GraphQL Code Generator

Generate anything from GraphQL schema / operations!

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yarn add @graphql-codegen/typescript-msw
Usage Requirements#

In order to use this GraphQL Codegen plugin, please make sure that you have GraphQL operations (query / mutation / subscription and fragment) set as documents: ... in your codegen.yml.

Without loading your GraphQL operations (query, mutation, subscription and fragment), you won't see any change in the generated output.

Make sure you have typescript plugin and typescript-operations as well in your configuration:

This plugin generates msw ( mock handlers with TypeScript typings.

Config API Reference#


type: object

GraphQL endpoint to use when working with multiple backends.

Usage Examples#

config: link: name: stripe endpoint:



query GetUser($id: ID!) { getUser(id: $id) { name id } }


import { mockGetUserQuery } from './generated'; const worker = setupWorker( mockGetUserQuery((req, res, ctx) => { const { id } = req.variables; return res({ getUser: { name: 'John Doe', id: id }, }) ); }) ); worker.start();

The generated functions are named mock<OperationName><OperationType>[LinkName]. E.g., mockGetUserQuery, and mockAdminMutationStripe.

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